Meet Asfess Features

Simple and powerfull amazing features services
on mobile and web.

Main Features

advance POS
POS advance


Products can be add easily one by one or bulk upload through csv file

retailer POS


Two types of suppliers available store suppliers and individual suppliers.

POS retailer

Gift Cards

Sore owner can create gift card easily for potential and new customers.

medical point of sale


Create multiple branches, add products and users according to your use.

grocery point of sale


Create multiple warehouse, add products and track stock level remotely.

POS for cosmatic shop


No matter where you are just get hands on sale & revenue reports easily

POS for whole seller


Internal coordinating system, send & receive stock request, receive & send tickets.

POS for electronic store

Cashier Terminal

Full screen terminal with all key functionality & different payment methods.

POS for fruit shop

Custom Fields

while adding products you can add custom fields such as color, size etc 24/7.

POS for toy shop

24/7 Support

for any sort of help, guideline or problem technical support available all the time.

POS for pet shop


for internal official discussion ticket functionality is provided.

POS which maintain stock


monthly billing system is available, also tickets on billing is available.

POS which keep records

Owner to Warehouse

owner who have branch can have its dedicated warehouse.

POS which give reports

Branch to Supplier

business owner who have dedicated supplier can add new supplier to branch.

Simple use POS

Stock Request

business owner can manage stock level by sending requests to the specific suppliers.

Professional POS

Role / Profile

Business owner can add custom users and assign them roles/profile for certain permissions.

Services Included

Easy Point of Sale
cheap point of sale

24/7 Support

We have fully professional & technical team, available 24/7 at your service on a simple phone call or by ticket generation.

econimical point of sale

Secured & Backup

We have one of the safest system, we take routine backups in our cloud servers so, in case of any mishap latest back will be available.

online point of sale

Upgrade & Update

We have many up-gradation or update plans in future so our old customers will be the first who can enjoy latest firmwares in no time.