Who can take advantage of POS?

A business man who owns super store, warehouse or supplier can take advantages of this POS however it is also useful for general customers/buyers but they don’t have to but it.

How it can be useful for super store?

As this POS is flexible it is equally useful for small & large business, but it is more useful for super store as every super store contains large products and lesser staff so, managing stock and customers at same time is quite challenging so, this POS can help a lot.

How it can be useful for suppliers?

Suppliers don’t always have good customers to supply in ideal way, but the supplier under this portal did have a bunch of good business owners, so they can supply their products frequently.

What makes this POS different from others?

First of all this is web POS & local based at a time, 2ndly it has many unique features which are lacking in other POS such as, remote access, reporting, cloud backups, records, & much more

For what type of Business it suits more?

Every type of business who have store, warehouse, suppliers can have it, as it is flexible and controllable. The POS is more useful for the business who have thousands of visiting customers in a day.